Who we are

We are the Message Engineers: a small team of unique individuals who loves to tell stories that resonate with their intended audiences. Although we are storytellers at heart, we have an engineer’s mind, and we combine the two to create an engaging message that inspires your customers to act.

We specialize in helping technology companies make the most of their products and solutions, concentrating on what benefits they bring to the customers instead of simply stating their specifications. And our inquisitive nature makes us ask questions which synthesize your story down to the key USPs that will make potential customers choose you over the competition.  

Meet the team

Colin O'Neill
My main focus is developing online campaigns and producing digital marketing content. I’m also increasingly involved in representing Pyramidion at events, whether as an attendee, organizer or even on stage. Read more >>
Robert O'Neill
My background is in microelectronics and having studied applied physics, I enjoy looking at issues, asking the right questions and finding practical solutions. But I’m also a storyteller, so I want our client’s message – their story – to resonate with their audience. Read more >>
Stuart Cherry
Account manager / senior writer
At Pyramidion, I get to write about all kinds of subjects, mainly revolving around the latest innovations in the healthcare, electronics and industrial sectors. Read more >>
Tony Lawson
Senior writer
From blog pieces to white papers, I will always try to inject a little energy into your story. At Pyramidion I’m the go-to guy for proofing and editing work, especially for complex material. Read more >>
Our Clients