Supporting innovation and mentoring startups

For as long as I have been in the marketing communications profession, I have been writing about amazing innovations in technology. I was writing about the connected home long before the Internet of Things and about NFC chips before anyone had ever thought about integrating them into our mobile phones.

These days, many of the hottest technologies and ground-breaking innovations come from startups. Through our connections with the High Tech Campus Eindhoven, we learned about the Hardware Startup Accelerator program being run by HighTechXL and wanted to see how we could help them. We spoke with Sofia from the marketing team and agreed to help by creating some articles for their blog. The first article is a profile on Elbibi and their electric commuter bike.

We also agreed to provide some mentoring for the startups themselves. While many of these young professionals already have a good understanding of the power of social media, we are helping them to develop their overall marketing communication strategies so they can leverage their messaging effectively across all channels. And in return, we get to find out about some of the cool technologies that may one day be as commonplace as NFC is today.