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Graphene: is history repeating itself?

Silicon made possible the revolution in semiconductor miniaturization that began in the 1960s. So the fact that today size is considered a serious limitation of silicon is an indication of how far the technology has advanced since that time. As the silicon substrates used in electronics and solar cells reach their limits, how can manufacturers make components any smaller? Can graphene come to the rescue? Graphene is a pure carbon material and the thinnest known. A layer of graphene can be only ... Read more

What’s your technology story?

How do you get your technology noticed? That was the question under the spotlight at the Communicating Technology and Innovation event. Around 80 people came to the event, co-organized by Pyramidion, High Tech Campus Eindhoven and Brainport Development, to hear the thoughts of renowned journalists and technology PR experts. Stories attract the written press “Always tell a story, and that story depends on the audience. Ask yourself who needs to know about this, and what is interesting to them. People love gadgets but ... Read more

Crowdsourcing platforms are reshaping business models

“Crowdfunding is reshaping society’s traditional business model.” So says Tom Vroemen, CEO of CrowdAboutNow, He was talking at the recent Phare conference and I think he has a point. Crowd financing platforms have been around, in various forms and guises, since the 17th century. The earliest documented case is the Praenumeration subscription model which publishers in Germany used to incentivise book sales. Publishers would offer to sell books that were planned but not printed yet at a discount, to ensure their initial ... Read more

Get your technology noticed!

Get your technology noticed! Whether it is government funded or carried out by a commercial company, all technology development is paid for by "the man in the street" – through tax, product purchases or crowdsourcing. Telling a compelling and engaging story about your technology can help you capture the public or investors' imagination, promote your brand or sell products. But how do you get your technology noticed? Co-hosted by Pyramidion, High Tech Campus Eindhoven and Brainport Development, the Communicating Technology and Innovation event ... Read more

How you can write a great story

A new year is upon us and this is the perfect time to learn new skills or sharpen old ones. For our latest Tips & Tricks, we've come up with some pointers that can help you create the best story. Of course everyone has a different approach, but these should give you some ideas. Just write it! Try and write down what's in your head straight away. Don't edit as you go along or look at additional input as that could cloud your ... Read more

Getting your audience to act on email blasts

Getting your audience's attention in a full inbox can be a challenge. Getting them to act on your e-mail doubly so. Here are a few tips to help you catch your audience's attention and get them to click on that call to action. The subject line An engaging subject line should hook the reader into opening the email, summarising your most important message in one short line. It should tell the reader what's inside your email. Most email clients only display between 38 ... Read more

Rebuilding ourselves

As a kid I remember the TV show 'The six million dollar man'. Bionic legs let him run at 60 mph, a bionic arm gave him superhuman strength and a bionic eye gave him telescopic and infrared vision. But Steve Austin didn't choose to have these cybernetic replacements installed. He was injured in a crash and was ‘rebuilt’ with cybernetic replacement parts. In recent years there have been a lot of developments in artificial limbs and replacement organs like artificial hearts. But ... Read more

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