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Sencio draws on Pyramidion’s market knowledge to create communications that resonate with its audience


How can small to medium-sized technology companies develop and implement effective marketing communications without in-house expertise?

For high-tech companies like Sencio, this can be an important question. Sencio has built a strong business around functional packaging for MEMS and sensor systems. However, it recognized that future growth would come from expanding into new application areas and markets. To do that, it needed to develop a marketing plan and communications strategy that went beyond just talking about products.


Sencio drew on Pyramidion’s semiconductor industry expertise and marketing communications know-how to create its marketing plan. Pyramidion supported Sencio in analyzing its existing market and target audience, as well as its desired growth areas. This led to an actionable marketing communication plan for 2013, tied closely to the company’s business objectives.

  • Built insights into existing and target markets
  • Articles on expansion of manufacturing capacity picked up by leading industry magazines
  • ‘Freeform packaging’ mini PR campaign builds on relationships with key journalists
  • Creation of nCapsulate product name and marketing story
  • Launch of customer-oriented newsletter


With a well-defined marketing communications plan, Sencio can target its activities and budget in areas with the biggest potential impact. It continues to work with Pyramidion to develop marketing and technical content tailored to its target audiences.

sencio functional packaging center

“We value working with Pyramidion because we share a mutual understanding of the market. Talking together creates new insights, and it has helped us define how to communicate Sencio’s message more effectively. And of course, Pyramidion produces high-quality deliverables that resonate with our target audience.”
Ignas van Dommelen
Chief Sales Officer

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