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NXP Semiconductors has yet again attracted industry acclaim for its integrated marketing campaigns. And as with previous occasions, Pyramidion was a key partner in the team. Helping develop the shrewd strategic thinking, create the telling messages and inspiring deliverables, and define the novel measurements that allow for insightful analysis.

The “Cortex-M0 – A Simple Choice” campaign was one of the finalists in the Best Digital Marketing e-Campaign category of the ECIA Electronics Choice Industry Awards for Marketing Excellence (USA). Meanwhile, the “Build up your Discretes Workbench” campaign was in the running to win the Marketing Excellence in Technology / Telecommunications category awarded by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (United Kingdom). marketing-awards

These award nominations follow on from the success at the MediaPost 2010 OMMA New York awards. And simply by reaching the finals of these prestigious awards has supplied the team (which includes among others Present MediaTriMM and GriDD) with fresh impetus to continue pushing the boundaries of integrated marketing.

Integrated marketing – a growing trend

Integrated marketing campaigns have become one of the hot topics over the last few years. Instead of disparate unconnected actions and deliverables, the marketing activities of many companies are flowing seamlessly from one task to the next. They reach out to engage with customers and inextricably draw them deeper into the sales process.

In parallel with this trend, a number of industry organizations have either expanded existing award ceremonies or created new dedicated events to cover integrated marketing and the use of digital channels. All aim to recognize the innovative thinking that lies behind many of these campaigns and help drive forward marketing excellence.

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