Pieter Cortebeeck

I’m Pieter, junior writer and project coordinator at Pyramidion, and the first Belgian. I’ve been a voracious reader and writer since I taught myself at age five, and in the intervening years my passion for this magical device called language hasn’t withered one iota. To me, the ability to transcend time and space by drawing or processing some wriggly lines is nothing short of astonishing. Better yet, it allows us to transmit and absorb not only information and ideas, but also emotion. And every storyteller knows that at the heart of any great tale or message, exists a core of great emotion.

My interest in technology became apparent as a youth, when I couldn’t stop tinkering with my Lego™ technic sets. But things really kicked into higher gear when I read a book by Peter F. Hamilton called “The reality dysfunction”. It was the first science fiction I read, and I became hooked on the genre instantly. On a day to day basis my body was still trapped in a dreary, slow-paced classroom, but my mind was free to explore a myriad of various technology-empowered futures. As such, I am overjoyed to be watching the stuff of my imagination slowly but surely manifesting in common reality. The future really is now!

Bringing it all together, working at Pyramidion is nothing short of delightful. Keeping up with the leading edge of technology, and turning the marvels it produces into emotion-imbued narratives. Deeply fulfilling stuff, it is.

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