Partnering for inbound marketing success

At the end of 2014, Pyramidion became an official HubSpot partner. Now we’re using their tools to launch our first inbound marketing campaign. But why did we become a partner?

We have a lot of experience developing and running campaigns for our customers and have been doing digital marketing since before it had a name. We know from experience what works and what doesn’t. But what we lacked was data to prove it. We have been increasingly using online tools for data analysis.

One of those tools was HubSpot’s Marketing Grader, which generates a report on a company’s online marketing activities. We had used it a few times to perform high level competitive analyses for some of our customers. A discussion with the HubSpot sales team followed and we saw how their tools and processes could help us both with formalising our processes and also with our own marketing communication activities.

Getting certified

First task for new HubSpot partners is to get certified. HubSpot offer webinars and video classes to help their users understand inbound marketing. Our staff took time out their schedules to take the classes and tests to become inbound certified.

Our first campaign

Rather than experimenting on our clients, to get a better understanding of the tooling we are using it to create our own inbound campaign. HubSpot has a comprehensive training program for inbound marketing covering all the steps from picking content, uploading, blogs, developing forms, emails, call to actions and landing pages.

The future

Our inbound marketing awareness campaign is all set and ready to go live this week. Once we have some experience with the Hubspot tooling and methodology, we can then incorporate it into our own processes to help our customers with their inbound marketing campaigns.