Inbound marketing knowledge sharing at Hubspot User Group Antwerp

Antwerp’s Hubspot User Group, or #HUGAntwerp for short, gathered local inbound marketing professionals for the second time in 2016. The topic was content repurposing, the date Wednesday, June 29th, and the location Dallas‘ beautiful Antwerp offices.

The choice of topic could not have been better for Pyramidion, as Robert and I are currently turning an old blog post that’s become highly relevant again into a top-quality eBook titled “Communicating in a Downturn”. It contains thought leadership, actionable methods, as well as science and experience based ammunition for dealing with all the issues marketers and communicators face during an economic or industry downturn. You will be notified of its release, as well receive valuable marketing and communication insights by subscribing to our Storybook.

Inbound marketing inspiration

Whereas the previous installment of HUGAntwerp focused on experts divulging their knowledge through presentations, this time around the host opted for a much more interactive format. Short presentations on the various aspects of content repurposing by Dallas’ digital strategist Thierry de Vynck were followed by mixing the attendees into several groups. These groups then discussed their own experiences with content creation, content optimization, and content repurposing. This choice of format was a stellar one, for two main reasons:

  1. Mixing attendees into different groups greatly facilitated the networking aspect, which is crucial for a focus group. Sitting together also made it easy to encourage everyone to get their phone out and tweet the hashtag(s), and to solidify the analog connections we’d just made through linking up digitally. This resulted in a lot of new LinkedIn contacts and Twitter followers for everyone involved, as well as great reach and engagement rates:
  2. Interactive discussions naturally led to fantastic insights, knowledge sharing, and rapport building for our small but growing community of Antwerp-based inbound marketers. I won’t speak for other attendees, but my gut feeling tells me I wasn’t the only one walking out of the gathering feeling inspired, invigorated and motivated.

Pyramidion would like to congratulate Dallas on hosting another fantastic Hubspot User Group, and we’re already looking forward to the next installment. Inbound marketers unite!

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