Hone your skills in Integrated Marketing Campaigns

In today’s economy, it’s difficult to be successful. Unless you have a truly unique offer, you can find yourself struggling to compete against many other companies providing similar products and services. This makes it even harder to get your name out there and stand out amongst the giants. But you can!

Check out our latest e-book on integrated marketing campaigns (IMC) based on research conducted by marketing major Alina Nicolae. Find out more about the high-tech industry and how they are using integrated marketing communications to communicate with their customer.

Read this e-book for insights on:

  • The differences in IMC practices across multiple high-tech companies
  • The importance of customer-centricity and how to achieve it
  • Usage of IMC amongst firms throughout various industries
  • Different types of customer engagement
  • What strategies are used and what makes a good strategy
  • What communication channels are being used
  • Establishing trust in B2B environments

This free ebook also discusses how you can meet customer expectations, how to generate the best social media engagements and how to translate IMC into a value-added service.

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