Elbibi – reinventing the ‘wheel’

Here in Belgium cycling is really big, and it’s virtually a way of life for people in the Netherlands. If their commute is short lots of people already cycle to work, while many more would like to but find the distance too far. Or they feel the weather or terrain is too challenging and don’t want to arrive at work soaked to the skin with rainwater or perspiration. Now, a solution has been found.

Looking like it has been teleported from some future world*, the Elbibi electric commuter bike features sweeping aerodynamic contours. It can be pedalled like any traditional bicycle, but does come with a built-in roof. It is also equipped with a motor that reduces effort and enables the bike to travel at speeds up to 45 km/h. Making commutes of up to 25 km quite feasible, with actual travel time comparable to a car, it’s a commuter cycle that will appeal to a wide audience.

Don’t sweat it!

The bike’s design incorporates all the qualities required to give commuters a perspiration-free journey while enjoying the benefits of cycle-freedom. Being a narrow 2-wheeler it is suitable for the existing infrastructure and meets cycle path requirements. The overhead cover provides weather protection while the sides are open to maximise freedom and increase visibility. Also, a built-in cage eliminates the need for the cyclist to wear a helmet.

An innovative electronic drive train means the Elbibi bike has no chains and no gears, it just uses a generator to make electricity and drive the bicycle. Pedalling helps recharge the bike’s battery. The first prototypes have already been built, so you may soon be seeing an Elbibi pass you on the way to work!

Elbibi’s new bike is one of many creative gems being supported by the High Tech XL accelerator program and we’ll be reporting on more of them in future articles.

*We saw no evidence of a time machine in the Elbibi workspace.