David Mashford

My name is David and I am a junior writer / project coordinator at Pyramidion. Having been brought up in a small seaside town in the east of England, it surprises me how smooth the transition has been in adapting to the city life; perhaps it’s something I have always yearned for.

As far as academia is concerned I studied Systems Engineering for a year and after some reflection moved on to Business Technology Management. With these credentials I feel I can add a different perspective to the team. A focus on technology but with a business minded approach.

My passion for writing and storytelling dates back to when I was a child. It never felt like a chore to read a book. Through reading, watching television and other forms of entertainment my imagination ran wild. I was hooked on learning about the craft which led to me creating my own stories not just for academic purposes but for myself. The fact I get to write for a living, is a blessing in itself.

Another love of mine is listening and composing music. Whenever a band is in town I’m usually at their gig and my passion for music is exemplified through various assignments at university including my dissertation; Social media, the optimisation or downfall of the music industry?