Growth in excess: The chemical industry in Antwerp

There are many places throughout the world that demand attention, whether it’s the seven wonders, Glastonbury or the homes of influential people. I’ve been working in Antwerp for nearly half a year and I have learnt a lot about this resilient city, the folklore, the fashion industry and the diamond exchange. But I can honestly admit that I have been ignorant. I knew there was a chemical industry based on the port of Antwerp, but I had no idea of just ... Read more

There’s a lot going on with healthtech

As humans it’s in our nature to help each other and to do that we must understand how our bodies work. The healthcare industry is striving to find ways for people to live longer and healthier lives. Through ongoing innovations with healthtech our ideas are becoming smarter, more sophisticated and life altering. taken from Let the procession commence At the EIT Digital Health Tech Event at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven we were able to marvel at the diversification of ‘sickcare’ and healthcare. ... Read more

Download your free inbound marketing campaign checklist

Don’t forget anything for running your next inbound marketing campaign! Bringing more people to your website can be a real challenge. It’s not just building a page and hoping people will arrive. Whether you are building awareness in your current market or breaking into new ones, you need to develop a complete campaign that covers all aspects from defining your audience to measuring the results. Are you about to launch your next marketing campaign? Are you sure you have everything covered? Download our ... Read more

Trends at Digital First 2015

The Digital First 2015 conference took place at Tour & Taxis in Brussels on October 15th. Three of us attended, and we can say without a doubt that it was time and money well spent. The venue was packed with exhibitors and attendees alike, which made for a full day of meeting interesting people, seeing innovative businesses and products, and attending various workshops and presentations. For this blog we conducted a meta-analysis of two separate trends at the conference: exhibitor booths, ... Read more

Touchpoints: what the B2B sector can learn from the B2C sector

The B2B sector has always been behind the B2C sector when it comes to marketing: it’s just a fact. I guess this is to do with the innately more competitive nature of B2C markets and the fickle nature of consumers. B2B is much more relationship-based and transaction costs tend to be higher. Usually, this gap isn’t very clear-cut. But when it comes to Touchpoints (TPs) the difference is stark. Touchpoints in the practice Within the B2C sector, and retail specifically, the awareness and ... Read more

Why Work With Pyramidion?

Hi there! I’m Pieter, the newest team member at Pyramidion. I’ve only been here for about three weeks, but it already feels like it’s been much longer than that. There are several very good reasons for that. One of those reasons is rather personal. Do you know how sometimes in life you’re feeling lost and not sure where to go next? Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret. If you keep your eyes peeled and your awareness in the now, you’ll ... Read more

Touchpoints research: findings and insight

Two months ago I began researching touchpoints (TPs) within the high-tech industry. In an earlier blog I outlined what a TP is and the reasons they are so important. In this blog I will discuss some of the most important findings, providing insight into the responses of participants and hopefully on the general theme of TPs. Through asking people within the high-tech industry which forms of interaction and communication they valued most or were most important to them, we were able to ... Read more

The wonders of IBC 2015

As a young upstart just out of university and working my first job, I was not prepared for the scale of IBC 2015. In my other blogs, I have mentioned I’m from a small seaside town. The best convention we have there is a flea market at our local leisure center which pales in comparison to the magnitude of the International Broadcasting Convention hosted in the capital city of the Netherlands. (Visiting our friends at Omni Remotes, image taken from Competitive playing ... Read more

Getting the best out of your employees

We know the importance of customers as ambassadors, but what about our own employees? Recently I wrote about the importance of making your customers ambassadors or fans of your brand. Now I’m back again to write about one key way to do this. So where do you start when trying to keep those customers happy? The answer is within your own company. A simple question is how can you expect prospected customers to love your brand if your employees don’t believe in it? The ... Read more

IOT, robots, killer toasters and some great conversations

Recently I attended the IOT 2015 conference at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven. This was my first time visiting the campus and it was refreshing to be away from the computer screen and getting an understanding for IOT, which often feels shrouded in mystery even by those that work with it. During the day I met many technology enthusiasts, these guys were fountains of knowledge and at this event almost every one of them had sprung a leak. The morning keynotes concentrated ... Read more
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