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The end of an era – National Semiconductors, ARM and Brexit

2016 has brought about the end of a very personal association with the UK’s semiconductor design and manufacturing capabilities. At the start of the year, Texas Instruments (TI) announced the phased closure of its fabrication facilities in Greenock, Scotland. And then yesterday Japan’s Softbank confirmed plans to acquire ARM Holdings. While neither of these decisions have any direct impact on me, there is a strangely personal feeling to both of them. Take the Texas Instruments decision first. When TI finalized the takeover of ... Read more

Inbound marketing knowledge sharing at Hubspot User Group Antwerp

Antwerp's Hubspot User Group, or #HUGAntwerp for short, gathered local inbound marketing professionals for the second time in 2016. The topic was content repurposing, the date Wednesday, June 29th, and the location Dallas' beautiful Antwerp offices. The choice of topic could not have been better for Pyramidion, as Robert and I are currently turning an old blog post that's become highly relevant again into a top-quality eBook titled "Communicating in a Downturn". It contains thought leadership, actionable methods, as well as science and experience based ammunition ... Read more

VR: Creativity in the community

Eindhoven is the epitome of innovation. This city is constantly changing courtesy of a growing and thriving high-tech industry led by Philips. And while Eindhoven and Philips may no longer be as synonymous as they once were, innovation has continued with the opening up of the hi-tech campus and more recently with the start-up uprising on the Strijp S. But it was only at Virtual Revolution 2016 in Veldhoven, that we realized just how many of these start-ups specialize in virtual reality. Enter ... Read more

VR: Road to nowhere…

Last time we looked at virtual payments or vCommerce. In this blog, we will look at the travel industry and how it can use virtual reality to take us on a virtual vacation. Travel broadens the mind and takes us to places we can only dream about. That's the beauty of our world: everywhere is different. There are so many different cultures, landscapes and ways of thinking. Unfortunately, most of us cannot afford to travel all year round. Especially for an average income family, who have children and ... Read more

VR: vCommerce

VR is mainstream! South Park got the ball rolling two years ago mocking the idea with a dystopian approach. The characters became destructive feeling no responsibility for their actions in a virtual world. More recently in the Big Bang Theory season 9, the socially inept Sheldon takes some time out in the woods via his Oculus rift. With two of the most popular comedies endorsing and gunning for VR we can tell that something big is happening. We’ve previously established that VR goes beyond the realm of ... Read more

VR: Drastically changing the music landscape

Last time we looked at the film industry and how they could benefit from VR. So keeping to that entertainment theme this installement is very near and dear to my heart the music industry.The music industry has been going through a rough patch since the millennium. Music sales peaked in 1999 and have never truly rose to those heights again. Transfering to digital media has proved problematic with piracy becoming more sophisticated. It has become the quintessential thorn in the side for ... Read more

VR: ‘Goes Hollywood’

Last time we looked at educating the future with virtual reality. In part three of the VR series, we will be looking at the entertainment industry and more specifically the film world. VR took center stage at Virtual Revolution 2016 in Veldhoven. There we saw several presentations on breakthrough developments in VR technology. One in particular was based on developing a story through virtual reality. This would mean that you, the viewer will be taken on a rollercoaster ride of romance, violence, discovery, and excitement, whatever ... Read more

VR: Educating the next generation

The possibilities of VR appear to be endless. As explained in my previous blog, there is more to VR than gaming. For example, in healthcare, VR can help surgeons perform surgery and help people understand the effects of debilitating injuries and disorders. Healthcare is not the only area that can benefit from VR. Our education systems are one of the most important institutions in our world today and appear to be at the forefront of Facebook’s plans. Last week they acquired Oculus ... Read more

Exponential Revolution: Big Data

We defined data as "A form of information that can exist without an observer" in the previous blog. It's information in raw or unorganized form, and it represents values attributed to parameters. For example, a human heart beats all day long. The amount of times it beats per minute is a parameter of the cardiovascular system. The value of that parameter can give us some information. Every heart beat, or the lack of it, generates data. And it's doing that whether we are looking ... Read more
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