Communicating in the downturn

Communicate with your customers! In a crisis, your customers need reassurance that you are doing everything you can to support them and deliver value. In fact, this may be an ideal moment to improve aspects of your business like customer service and let your customers know! Communicate with your employees! Even if you can't give specifics, your employees want to know their managers are thinking about how to tackle the economic challenges their company faces. If you don't talk, the rumour mill will. Invest Research shows ... Read more

Crops and climate change

A good story is a simple story: for instance: “EU bans harmful pesticides”. As a headline, it’s clear, direct, and for a lifelong environmentalist like me, it sounds like a good thing. The trouble is, there is another side to the story, one with serious consequences for climate change. This shows that telling a simple story is never quite so simple. And that when we seek to protect the environment, we need to think with our heads as well as acting ... Read more
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